How does the Six Figure Mentors Work?

Learn a little more about how the Six Figure Mentors system and training works

  • Learn How To Market And Sell Any Kind Of Product Or Service Online

    SFM is a marketing system and training platform that prepares you for every aspect of online entrepreneurship from laying a solid foundation to gaining financial security and growth. SFM delivers world-class content taught by top business leaders to thousands of students around the globe. As a member of SFM you will follow step by step training to learn how to market on the internet.

    Many new entrepreneurs tend to jump into business ownership with both feet making mistakes so costly they risk putting themselves out of business before reaping any rewards. The SFM flagship courses and mentorships are designed to help our members lay the proper foundation. We believe that by choosing to build a rock-solid foundation first, you will be able to scale your business up and out from there, providing your solutions to more customers and in turn touching more lives.

    If you don’t have any of your own products to promote and sell, you can learn to market SFM’s products and services and earn money in the form of high commissions. You will become an affiliate marketer and partner with the SFM, giving you the rights to promote and sell their products and services.


  • Earn While You Learn Business Opportunity

    SFM gives you a turnkey business opportunity, so you can start to potentially create an income in the form of sales commissions, without having to do the selling. When you go through SFM’s training modules and learn how to market, you can immediately start to market SFM’s websites where they offer their own products and services and their partners’ products and services. SFM contact your potential customers for you, selling to those who are qualified, and will pay you a commission for your marketing efforts. The concept is simple, you get paid 40 – 50% high ticket commission of the sale price of the products you have invested in for yourself, and 10% of those you have not. The commissions usually range between $100 – $ 12000 per sale.

    For new entrepreneurs, you can get your feet wet with our basic membership. It will help you get your business off the ground. For proactive members who are looking for higher income potential and more hands-on coaching, we offer our ELITE Mentorship program and the Digital Experts Academy product line that is ideal for professionals in today’s fast-moving information age.


  • Fast Forward Your Entrepreneurial Journey

    SFM offers a one-of-a-kind online education environment and provides you with the critical thinking skills and professional expertise required to become a leader in today’s digital economy.

    Whichever membership or course you choose, you’ll be immersed in the real-world business of leadership and ownership from day one. Live coaching calls, exclusive networking events, and focused education delivered by sought after SFM leaders, are integral parts of your SFM education. During the process you will make industry connections that lay the groundwork for a successful entrepreneurial adventure.

    We’re dedicated to helping you achieve the life you choose.


*DISCLAIMER: Individual results will vary from person to person. We cannot guarantee any results. Please read our Disclaimer at the bottom of this page.

About Iain Campbell And The Six Figure Mentors

Iain Campbell with SFM co-founders Jay Kubassek and Stuart Ross.



If you would like to learn more about how the SFM Digital Business System works, why not check out our FAQ videos (at the top of this page), or subscribe for our free 7 day video series by registering below, or just contact Iain Campbell using the contact link at the bottom of this page.


As mentioned above, if you decide to join and become a member of the Six Figure Mentors, you will become an affiliate marketer and partner with the SFM.

Since 2012 Iain Campbell has been a partner with The Six Figure Mentors. Working as a high level accredited affiliate marketer. He helps people become internet entrepreneurs and start their own online businesses using the Six Figure Mentor's 'Digital Business System'.

If you decide to become a member of SFM, Iain Campbell will become your SFM referring sponsor, and as well as the SFM team, will help you with any questions you may have and ongoing support.

By learning affiliate marketing as a skill, not only will you be able to promote the SFM product range (as Iain campbell is doing through this site), you will become an accomplished marketer who can then sell any number of products to any market online - a really valuable skill in today's digital economy.

You can then use your digital marketing skills and education, not only to market SFM's products and services and earn money in the form of commissions, but also in many other ways too like promoting other affiliate programs, starting your own digital marketing consultancy, becoming a highly valuable resource within your company, or build and promote your own products or offline (traditional) business. The possibilities are endless as to what you can achieve once you understand the basics of online marketing.

Throughout this process you will have access to an SFM-appointed business coach, as well as additional support and coaching from Iain Campbell.

Please feel free to contact Iain Campbell at any time with any questions using the contact link at the bottom of this page.

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